Weight Loss Tips

How many HCG Shakes can I have a day?

We recommend no more than 1-2 HCG Shakes a day. HCG Shakes are a delicious meal replacement shake while on HCG or on maintenance but since the calories are so low we suggest no more than of 2 meal replacements … Continue reading

Do I take WeightLoc during my HCG Diet?

Weightloc was designed to be used after you reach your goal weight after you complete HCG. We do have many customers who choose to take it during their HCG weight loss journey for added appetite suppressant and to help with … Continue reading

New Shake Flavors Now Available!

We now have 3 flavors available in our HCG Shakes: Creamy Chocolate, Rich Vanilla Bean and Smooth Spiced Chai. Order yours canisters and samples today at: www.hcgultradietdrops.net. These shakes are rich, creamy, delicious, very filling and loved by our customers. … Continue reading

When do I take the B-12 Drops?

We recommend taking your B-12 Drops after you eat. A lot of people get nauseated when taking vitamins on an empty stomach. So it’s best to take your vitamins after you eat.

Can I take HCG Ultra Diet Drops if I’m nursing, pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

No. We don’t don’t recommend taking HCG Ultra Diet Drops if you’re nursing, pregnant or trying to get pregnant.