HCG Diet Plans


Kay – Jacksonville, FL:

“In May of 2012 I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life 184 pounds I felt horrible I was eating horrible and eating everything I decided to get back to me who never weighed more than 125. Realistically at my age 135 is awesome with the help of Pam and HCG drops that was all possible for me I managed to loose 49 pounds HCG drops were the only thing that really worked. I have tried it all but the drops made it easy to loose instant results which is very encouraging.”


Tami – Jacksonville, FL:

“I woke up on March 11th, 2013 simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I have tried everything in all my years and seemed nothing worked for too long however I thought maybe this was the time and I had a great determination to see it through. I decided to go sugar free, fat free, gluten free and follow protocol. Today marks 20 weeks. In that time I have gone from a 10-12 to a 4-6 dress size, I lost 32 lbs, I never once veered off track. I invested too much to not stay on course. I made a promise to myself and if you can’t count on yourself who can you count on! I look in the mirror everyday and say YOU ARE WORTH IT. I hope you will get up and take the challenge. Feel better, look better and be excited at what your life has to offer. HCG is a wonderful way to take charge and the support of this group of folks is paramount to your success. Thanks Pam and all of you who face the challenge everyday! We’ve got this.”


Kayla – Bledsoe, Kentucky:

“I have always struggled with my weight!! I have always been the “chubby one”. After graduating college and starting my first job, i packed on the pounds! I was miserable! I found HCG through a Facebook friend and have been using it a little over a month. I’ve lost 24.5 pounds!!! From 274 to 249.5 pounds. Im eating healthy an losing weight! This stuff is amazing! If it can work for me, it can work for anyone!!!”


Desparkle – Chicago, IL:

“Hi, my name is Desparkle aka Sparkle and I’m 31 years old. Like most people I struggled with my weight, especially when I moved back to Chicago. I was 130lbs in high school, 160lbs when I graduated, and 177lbs when I had my first child in 2005. I was very content at 177lbs, but when I moved back to Chicago, restaurants became my best friends. Before I knew it, I went from 177-200-226lbs, and like many others I tried diet pills but they were not successful.

I had my second child in 2012. After giving birth I dropped down to 206lbs, but I eventually gained it all back. One day I looked at a picture and said to myself, “I don’t like how I look,” and that was my life changer.

I heard about the drops from a relative and did some research before purchasing. I also caught an episode of Dr. Oz (on my phone), and clicked on the link and my journey began.

I started this journey at 219lbs in February 2013, and now I’m down to 191lbs. A 28lbs lost. My goal is to get to 180lbs. I also stopped eating beef and pork.

It really feels good to hear people compliment me on how great I look. This builds up the confidence, I never lost, but gained more of. I will like to thank Pam and the group on Facebook. My journey is not over, and if I can do it, you can too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Karen Michigan


“I divorced and remarried at 32. I had 2 children then. My husband is older than me and had 3 older children. I had my tubes tied at 23, what a mistake! When he met me I weighed about 150. After we married I discovered he could cook really well. And he is a country man that likes his meat and potatoes. He grilled ribeyes and baked potatoes every weekend. I gained a lot! We also decided to have my tubal ligation reversed so we could have a child together. We had a son 2009. That packed on pounds as well. It is very difficult to keep up with a toddler/ preschooler when you are 80 pounds over weight. I have known Pam and her older brother since junior high school. I researched what I could about HCG over 6 months and finally ordered from Pam. I received my order on 11-24-12 and so it began. I lost 7.5 pounds the first week. I stuck with it and never cheated. So far I have lost 60 pounds and have 10 more to go. I started out with a goal of 60 pounds to lose but when I saw that I could do this I increased it to 70 which is what I really need to do. I started at a size 18 and today I’m a size 8. Being almost to goal is fabulous and if you have a strong will to get this extra person off of your back then this is how to do it!!! Pam is a great supporter and knows her HCG!!! I also love having the support of the FB family!!”

Karen Michigan

Karen – Walled Lake, Michigan:

“I am like many other women of my age group (mid 50’s) that don’t have a hard time sticking to a diet, it just doesn’t seem to work after the initial 5-8 pound loss. After you see how hard you are working and the scale doesn’t move anymore, well, you know the yo-yo story from there. My decision to try again using this HCG diet plan came after much research and suggestion from my Naturalpath, Dr Perkins. I had gone to see Dr Perkins for menopausal symptom relief, at my heaviest weight ever, had been worked up for cardiac issues (i.e. shortness of breath) from a women’s heart center in which all tests came back normal! I knew then it was this weight. At my appointment, whining and miserable Dr Perkins said, you know, I think you should consider HCG diet. He encouraged me to research and gave me Pam’s web address for HCG! Being a woman of great faith I asked Jesus to be with me during this journey, I couldn’t do it without Him! Then I asked my husband Tony for his support! He was with me too! I then ordered the drops. Excited but very apprehensive, after all nothing else had worked long term and I ended up gaining more than when I started. I had fun with my loading days as we all do then it was time to get down to it! Everyday there were losses ranging from .5-3 full pounds, that is what kept me going!! 46 pounds later I did it I hit my goal weight, I couldn’t have been happier. I was never so determined in my life and as I went I was rewarded with losses. I owe my health, my life to both Dr Perkins and HCG! I am happy healthy and loving life! Thank you HCG for giving me my life back!”

Heather Texas

Heather – Alvin, Texas:

“I have struggled with food and weight most of my life. I got married in 2006 and promptly gained 50 pounds. No longer comfortable in my skin and tired of going up and up and up sizes, I decided I HAD to do something. I went down and back up a few times. The final straw was seeing pictures of myself on a vacation in the fall of 2012. A friend told me about HCG and while I was skeptical, I thought, why not give it a try?! So I did. I’ve lost 41 pounds and I’m shooting for 12 more. It’s no easy solution, though. I’ve had to turn down pizza, fast food, soda, and cake for vegetables, lean meat, real food, and water. But what I have traded is unhealthy for healthy. I feel so much better. I know I will have to continue to eat food that is good for my body once I reach my goal. That doesn’t mean I’ll never have cake or pizza again, but it is no longer the rule, it’s the exception!”


Dawn – Redford, Michigan:

“Thank you HCG for making me a better me! 53 lbs down and still moving forward! To be continued…”

MissGee Ditshupelo

MissGee Ditshupelo:

I had always wanted to be slim, I tried everything labeled HEALTHY DIET on the market. I even considered   Bulimia at some point. When I saw the HCG group on Facebook I decided it’s my big break!! I spent hours reading the testimonials, successes and the benefits of HCG. A month ago I started my journey to the new lifestyle, it was hard the first few days but I kept going and here I am today.Slim, more confident and comfortable in my own skin. It’s just easy, follow the diet, drink more water and watch your body become more and more beautiful everyday!! It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle!!

Kuala Lumpur

Sunita Peter, Malaysia:

“I weighed 192 pounds and have been trying so very hard to shed that weight off in a hundred different ways with a hundred different products. Finally I had read about HCG on the net and decided one last try one last time.

So I got in touch with Pam and ordered the product and started on the drops as soon as I received it. In just one month with very strictly following the diet prescribed and water intake, with light exercises I lost 75 pounds in one month and have until today maintained that weight”.


Florine – Taylorsville, Kentucky:

“I can’t begin to state how grateful I am to HCG and Pam for my weight loss. I feel like a new person and love people telling me about the change they see in me. It’s the healthiest and easiest diet I have ever tried and it has changed the way I feel about all foods. Now on maintenance (no drops), I am aware of what foods I eat and how they effect my weight and health. Many thanks to Pam Plezia for always being there to keep me on track-she answered my concerns so graciously and quickly. I still have to have some chocolate or cookie every now and again-but just one. Everyone should give this healthy diet- HCG- a try.”

Esther – Zambia:

For many years, I have struggled with periodic weight gain, I have had to stick to fasting to lose only but a few that i put back on in no time and struggled maintaining a healthy hemoglobin count. I tried the gym and spent huge sums of money but alas, only a few pounds came off and my dream abs were unattainable. Behold an advert on Facebook and with the motivation from the testimonies, I decided to try it. Bingo! in 30 days, very healthy diet, a lot of water, a little difficult in the first week but easier as time passes, 25lbs off, energy levels higher, and the clothes are a delight! HCG diet drops have made my body, a beautiful place to live in, am so sticking to this lifestyle! Goodbye low hemoglobin count and hello healthy!

Ultra Diet HCG Drops

Jean – Jacksonville, Florida:

“I started HCG at 167 lbs and a size 16. I am now 122 lbs and a size 4 all thanks to HCG Ultra Diet Drops. I have tried so many diets to lose weight but nothing worked until I found HCG Ultra Diet Drops. This has been the easiest diet I have ever done and not only does it melt fat fast but it also teaches you how to eat the right foods to maintain your weight for life. I feel amazing and I recommend HCG Ultra Diet Drops to everyone I know who wants to lose weight the right way and learn how to keep it off for life. I’ve been on maintenance a few months now and I weigh less than when I stopped HCG. Maintaining is easy! You will love this company and their customer service is outstanding!”

Tommy – Hensley, AR:
“My starting weight on April 24, 2012 was 245.8 lbs to date which is day 39 and I-ve lost 33 lbs. I-m very excited about it, HCG Ultra Diet Drops is unbelievable! I haven-t weighed 213 lbs since 1972. My goal is to lose 40 lbs total. I can now bend over, tie my shoes with out straining and I can now breathe a lot deeper. I can also sleep on my stomach now and I couldn-t before. I-m going to the doctor soon for a check up and can-t wait to see how much my blood pressure and sugar count has come down they were both above average when I started. It-s a thrill to look in the mirror, see how much I-ve accomplished and that my pants are now falling off and I feel so much better. There is nothing I know of that compares to the rapid weight loss that you will achieve HCG Ultra Diet Drops.”

Pam – Jacksonville, Florida:
I started my HCG Diet Journey on May 13, 2011. I’m 39 years old and 5’10” tall and a mom of 3 amazing kids. My start weight was 189.8. I lost 37 lbs in 49 days! I have always struggled with my weight like most people due to over eating and eating the wrong foods. I did Weight Watchers almost 3 years ago and lost 42 lbs but it took me 5 1/2 months. I put back on 22 lbs from January 2011 till May 2011 and knew I didn’t want to be a size 18 again. I was considering starting Weight Watchers back up and a friend told me about the HCG Diet Plan . So I started the research online to find out everything I could about it. I then decided to give HCG a try. All I can say is there is NOTHING else like it on the market for weight loss. What other product is out there where you will lose .5 – 1.5 lbs a day that is safe, with no side effects and 100% all natural? NONE that I know of! You will release your unwanted deep tissue fat fast and keep it off by learning to change your eating habits for life! Being on HCG makes you think about everything you put in your mouth. The first 2 days I was on HCG was the toughest for me. I had headaches, felt sluggish and felt like I was shaking inside. I know that was my body detoxing all the junk out of it I ate before HCG. On day 3 I started feeling a whole lot better. I was hungry off and on the first week but after that it was the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight. Let me tell you I am a VERY PICKY EATER, just ask my husband. When I saw the protocol I was like there is no way I can do this because I don’t eat half of the foods on the list but I did love water so 100 oz a day was easy for me. I had gotten off caffeine and sodas when I was on Weight Watchers and never went back to them. So I decided to give the HCG diet program a try despite the protocol and here I am 38 days later skinny and still going. I haven’t been this size in over 16 years since before I had our oldest daughter who is almost 17 years old. I feel better than I ever have! I’ve learned to not only eat the right foods while on this diet but for the rest of my life. Will I splurge once in a while once I am off HCG Diet, of course but I will stay on the protocol for the most part. To me it’s not a just a diet, it’s a life style! I’m not to goal yet but getting close and all I can say is I love HCG Ultra Diet Drops and you will too! I hope my story encourages you to give HCG Drops a try. There is no better HCG Diet product on the market. The closed Facebook support page “Our HCG Journey” this company offers is a huge key to succeeding at this program.

Cassie – Long Beach, CA:
“About a year ago I weighed 234 lbs. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, plantar fasciitis, lethargy, borderline diabetes, and was given sharp words by my Dr. that I was killing myself. I had tried other weight loss programs with minor success. My Dr. and I were talking about weight loss surgery when I ran into someone who had lost 80 lbs on HCG. I talked it over with my Dr. and he (OBGYN) gave me the O.K. to try it. I went back 6 weeks later. I had lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. We were both convinced it works. It took a little longer for the 2nd 30 lbs, but by Christmas I was down 60 lbs. I have gone off for a few months and maintained and recently gone back on and taken off another 15 lbs. That’s right, I’ve lost 75 lbs. I’m currently working on that last 25. Oh, by the way, I’m off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, cured of sleep apnea. My feet don’t hurt any more. I have lots of energy and I am no longer killing myself! How great is that!”

Carol Faubert – Ottawa, Ontario:
Hi my name is Carol and I am in my Fifties, I live in Ontario Canada. I have been obese since I was 12 years old. Always been named called because of my weight and never fit in with the crowd. I have tried many diets over the years and have lost hardly nothing…. Diets never did anything for me I am a diabetic insulin dependant and have many other health issues. In 2011 my doctor wanted me to go for the gastric bypass. I told my doctor let me try one more thing and if it doesn’t work then I will consider the bypass. In October 2011 I found HCG Ultra Diet Drops and started taking them but didn’t do it correctly and was always stalling or gaining so I got off them. In January 2012 I found Pam and thought I had ordered my drops from her but it wasn’t her, so I ordered more drops and became part of their closed support group “Our HCG Journey” on Facebook for their customers. I started using the HCG Ultra Diet Drops January 8th, 2012 at 282 pounds as of February 23rd, 2012 I have lost 52.2 pounds!! I never thought I would lose this weightbut I did Thanks to Pam, HCG Ultra Diet Drops and the members of the”Our HCG Journey” Facebook page support group. There is so much motivation, inspiration and people really do care. I have alot more to lose but it’s one day at a time. HCG Is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle! A completely new lifestyle. I feel better since I have lost the 52.2 pounds my A1C is 6 it was 12 and sometimes 18 and more. Blood pressure is normal, chlorestrol is good, my doctor is very proud of me and says continue what I am doing and in a few months may take me off my insulin ….It’s very easy if you stick to protocol and drink 100-128oz of water daily. I am forever grateful. Give HCG Ultra Diet Drops a try ou have nothing to lose except weight!

Alicia – Richmond, Kentucky:
“Weight has been a struggle, my entire life. After graduating college in the fall, I decided I finally had enough. I tried everything, and I basically had just decided to give up on myself. One day, a professional friend of mine was posting about her success with the HCG diet drops, so I decided why not give them a try since I have already done everything else. With this being said, within the first week I could already see a difference in my weight loss like never before. 30 days, I lost 20lbs. Since that I’ve lost an additional 10 for 30lbs total, HCG is getting my life back on the right track.”

Kim – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
I am a believer as I have lost 32 lbs in 4 months, without exercise, hunger, looking or feeling poorly. My cravings for bad foods are gone and I have maintained my weight during interruptions from the protocol even when eating close to 2000 calories a day. Thank you HCG!!!!!!!!

Tamika – Columbia, South Carolina:
For the most part of my life I had been on the smaller side. Even after giving birth to two children I always went back to normal. During the last stages of a bad marriage I began to gain weight. During and after the divorce I gained even more weight. I began to lose myself and my self esteem was a thing of the past. My daughter would tell me “mommy I don’t want to get fat like you” and my brother would greet by saying “what’s up big girl” or he would say “you aint tired of being fat yet”? All these things would hurt my feelings but it was not enough to make me lose weight. I tried different diets, colon cleanses and even going to the gym but when results didn’t come the way that I had wanted I would quickly give up. Then one day I overhead some women at work talking about HCG and I was intrigued. I read about it and talked to some people a few times before making any purchases. When I was finally ready I made the investment into my future and myself. When I began HCG I weighed in at 273 lbs. I would have to say that I am so glad that I did. I finally released all the weight that I had gained. Today I weighed in at 182 lbs for a total weight release of 93 lbs. There are no words that can truly express the feelings and accomplishment received. I am thankful for HCG. Being able to interact, run and play with my children without getting tired or feeling like an embarrassment cannot be explained. I look good and feel great and it’s all because of HCG! The fan page on Facebook with Pam is a bonus. You get support from not only her but the other people in the group. It doesn’t stop with support we share our feelings, emotions, ups and downs and recipes. We encourage one another and rejoice in each other’s release. Thanks Pam and HCG!

Shannon – North Canton, OH:
I started my HCG journey at a size 14, and I am now a size 6. A size 6 has always been my goal. I love shopping now and trying on clothes!!! I have released 35lbs since August 6th, and my goal is 40lbs. I am not going to give up till the pounds are released! Even though you may not be losing weight, trust me on this one, you are losing inches! I have not been a size 6, since the 6th grade. I love being told how amazing I look, I love every compliment I get now, and I know I deserve it!Weight has always been an issue since I was a little girl, eating up all of my emotions everyday. I started HCG in hopes that it would help me gain self esteem and learn to love myself, a much smaller version of myself, and let me tell you it is the best decision I have ever made. I’ve tried every diet and fad known to man and nothing has helped me the way that HCG does. It is still teaching me a new lifestyle change, I way to better myself for the future. I have more self confidence than I have ever had in my life. It shows you the way to eat and make smarter decisions, and the best part I am not skipping meals or starving myself. To be continued…Shannon