HCG Ultra Diet

What sets us a part from other companies selling HCG Drops?

At Go Healthy Products Inc. we take pride in the kind of quality service that we provide our customers. Apart from offering quality HCG drops to customers, we ensure that we are here for them 7 days a week. Our ears are always open and we use all means to reach out to our customers. We can be reached through email, phone, text, live chat and we also offer support on our Facebook pages.

For our customers’ convenience and support, we have set up two closed/private Facebook support groups that we call “Our HCG Journey” and “Our Journey After HCG” which are loved by our customers. Customers tell us anything; ask questions, get recipes, ideas on food and diet, share some inspiring stories and encouragement to other people in the group. The public community we have a public Facebook page, “HCG Ultra Diet Drops” it lets everyone check us out even if they have not bought anything from us yet. Those who have already placed an order of their HCG Drops from us will be emailed the link to our closed Facebook support group with their order confirmation.

And of course, one of the main reasons why we are much admired than the rest is because what we offer are quality HCG drops that actually have the HCG hormone. We are not one of those local stores or companies who are claiming to sell you the real HCG Drops but can’t stand up to the test. We are not like other companies who are calling their products HCG yet they lack the hormone since they are offering hormone free acidic based products only. All HCG Drops being sold in local stores and most online are may be called HCG Drops or something else but they are only real HCG Drops if they contain the HCG hormone. Check the ingredients before you buy and beware of scams all over the internet.

The protocol that we offer is considered one of the best there is in the market today. Our food choices are also amazing since we have the most choices of food with our 3 meals a day and fruit snacks options. You will find out yourself when you compare our protocol with other companies offering their own protocols.

We make it a point to personally meet our local customers in order to save them some money for shipping their orders. This option will also allow us to answer any questions that our customers might have about the product. But for those outside of our city, our company delivers their orders wherever they are in the world.

What is HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

The HCG Ultra Diet Drops is our formula which contains the HCG hormone, purified water and 20% U.S.P. alcohol (for stabilization so they don’t have to be refrigerated) and nothing else. We have no amino acids, added fillers nothing. HCG Ultra Diet Drops only has the ingredients you need to melt stored fat! This superb formula helps signal the hypothalamus to release accumulated fat stores when the formula is combined with our proprietary protocol. We have a unique protocol compared to others that is a low calorie diet combined with our HCG Ultra Diet Drops. The best thing about our HCG Ultra Diet Drops is how the dieter’s relationship to food and eating is being modified in a different scale. The result would be a long-lasting and easily maintained weight loss habit for the dieter.

Why is HCG Ultra Diet Drops your Best choice?

Many people can attest on why HCG Ultra Diet Drops is your best choice for effective dieting. Here are some of the common reasons why our product is simply the best.

  1. Our HCG Ultra Diet Drops is a superior formula that can be stored for a long period of 5 years even without refrigerating even if opened.
  2. HCG Ultra Diet Drops is formulated to work well with different body types.
  3. HCG Ultra Diet Drops keeps you in your ideal weight by combining our multi-phased approach and a diet of up to about 1000 calories each day.
  4. Our HCG Ultra Diet Drops is being manufactured in a controlled manufacturing facility. The highest standard of quality control is observed and maintained to create our product. It is a FDA approved facility with FDA approved processes.
  5. You get the correct dosage, which is double the amount of what others are giving, and the right amount of our product. Others give you 1oz bottle per 15 days while you get 2oz bottle per 15 days from us.

This is what makes our HCG Ultra Diet Drops the best option for you.

How does HCG Ultra Diet Drops Work?

As you use our HCG Ultra Diet Drops, your hypothalamus will get rid of the fats out of their storage areas in your body. These fats are instead used as part of your body’s energy source. This is the reason why our HCG Ultra Diet Drops will give the dieter an edge in losing fats faster compared to other diets.

There are three types of fats found in your body; the Structured, Normal and Abnormal Fats.

  1. The Structured Fats are those found in between your joints and organs.
  2. The Normal Fats are those located throughout the body. These fats are used to meet your body’s nutritional needs.
  3. However, Abnormal Fats are what needs to be eliminated because they are the main causes of obesity. These deposits are only drawn upon during starvation and pregnancy. Even with the restriction of calories, the fats that are drawn upon are the structural and normal ones. This is where the common mistake of starving oneself to lose weight is generated.

What to Expect?

Upon use of our HCG Ultra Diet Drops, the dieter can expect to feel hungry for the first few days. But after 2-5 days of using HCG Ultra Diet Drops, your body will be able to make use of the released fats to take care of the hunger. For those who want to get a faster weight loss result should have vegetables and fruits that are full of fiber as part of your meal. Aside from water, fiber is a vital part of successful dieting.

How to Prepare for your HCG Ultra Diet Drops journey?

The diet will take anywhere from 15 – 60 + days before you will find yourself in your ideal weight. The first thing you should prepare for is the willingness to stay focused and stick to the diet as instructed.

Following the protocol is considered the most important aspect of the diet. The protocol starts with you being asked to eat higher calories on your first two loading days of the diet. Eating fattier foods like pork, bacon, bread, creamy pasta, desserts and other food you eat each day. Eating these will prepare your body for the weight reduction ahead of you. This stage is also crucial for the HCG to take effect as it will cut your appetite. Eating higher calories for the first two days will help your body not be affected much of hunger on the first few days.

Day three you will see your starting to lose some weight already. Things can be very, challenging in sticking to the prescribed program especially in the beginning but stay strong the first week is the toughest. After week 1 it gets so easy! Not eating the right amount of food or skipping food as prescribed in the program will greatly affect your weight loss. Fight the temptation to deviate during this stage of the program.

One important factor that can help you get through this program is water. Drink lots of water. The required amount of water you need to drink each day is a minimum of 100 ounces a day. We recommend that you drink up to 128 oz a day for the best results. Follow this strictly to ensure maximum weight loss and avoid weight gain.

Don’t commit the mistake of counting diet sodas or Crystal Lite as part of your water intake. Nothing takes the place of your water. These can slow down your weight loss. Caffeine is a known stimulant of hunger so avoid drinking tea or coffee if possible. If you really have to have coffee or tea, keep it in moderation and with no sugar only using sugar substitutes and non fat creamers. Decaffeinated is best if possible.

Is it Healthy to Lose Weight so Fast?

It has been proven that if the lost fats are from the adipose fat tissue instead of from the lean muscles, it doesn’t post any health threats. HCG weight loss is following the Simeons protocol which doesn’t strip away the body of the needed muscles and other vitamins and minerals that help maintain good health condition. It even releases excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients so that it can be used by the body for energy. This explains why those who have will be using HCG will experience a great feeling of great health without the negative health risks.

Why the Low Calorie Diet?

The reason for a low calorie diet is because of the effect of HCG diet drops to your hypothalamus. Since thousands of calories are being released by the hypothalamus each day, you don’t have to take in more calories yourself. Your body is actually going to be operating on these thousands of calories each day; most of them are from the fats released by your hypothalamus.

Who are Candidates to use HCG Diet Drops?

Almost every man and woman can use HCG Diet Drops as long as they first consult with their physician on your health condition. This will ensure that you will get the most out of the HCG diet.

Any Safety and Side Effects of the HCG Diet?

There are no known side effects with HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

Will I gain back the weight after the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet will change your appetite, eating patterns, and your body weight after the program. But in order to maintain the ideal weight, you must get yourself used to the change of metabolism and eat moderately without the feeling of eating more. HCG isn’t just a diet, but a life style. If you go back to eating the way you did before HCG or any diet for that matter of course you will gain your weight back. It’s all about a balance of healthy eating and splurging a few times a week, drinking lots of water and exercise.

Is HCG safe for Men?

Everyone already has HCG in their human tissue.  Men, women and couples are using HCG Ultra Diet Drops all over the world to get healthy.

How many Drops are needed each day?

Before you start every meal, you need to put 25 small drops under your tongue. For those who have droppers with .75 ml line that is about small 25 drops. You can also fill your dropper 3/4 of the way if you have no lines on your dropper..

When do I begin drinking 100 oz of water?

Start with your 100oz + of water on the 1st loading day of the HCG diet. Water is important for the HCG to move through your system.

What do I need to do before starting HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

To know the amount of changes in your body before and after the HCG diet, measure your body, weigh yourself, and take a picture of yourself before you start with HCG Ultra Diet Drops. Any measurement that you can get your hands on will help you determine the changes in your body as you go along the diet program. Be sure to e-mail your before picture to us.

How do I use vitamin B12 complex with HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

Vitamin B12 is good for you as it helps you get the most out of the HCG diet. Vitamin B12 helps you absorb everything you eat and drink which includes the HCG Ultra Diet Drops. B12 also helps increase your blood flow throughout your body. Also, B12 gives you increased energy that you don’t get from caffeine. To make sure that you take in the right amount of B12, take 15 of our B12 Drops three times every day after your meal while you are on HCG.

Should I take a multivitamin?

Multivitamins and liquid B12 drops are a must for you while on HCG.

Can I take fat soluble vitamins on HCG?

We do not recommend taking any fat soluble vitamins like fish oil etc. while on HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

Can I mix and match fruits and vegetables for meals or snacks?

Yes mixing and matching means more variety which we recommend.

Do I need to measure lettuce when I have a salad?

You don’t have to measure the amount of lettuce you eat each day. As long as you don’t have lettuce as extra food throughout the day then you can eat as much as you want at every meal with a salad.

Can I have snacks in between meals?

You may have your some of your daily allowed fruits or veggies as snacks between meals.

Is there any salad dressing I can use while on HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

You may make your own HCG friendly dressing and find recipes on our website and online. However, you may also try out Walden Farms products or Salad Spritzers which are made by Wish Bone since they are fine to use as long as it is in moderation.

How long can I take HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

There is no need to a take a break between the cycles when on HCG Ultra Diet Drops. However, if you hit a plateau for more than 6 days then you would have to try any of our 2 stall breakers. When not constipated or cheating and yet you hit a plateau back to back, then it is recommended to take a break from the diet for 2 to 3 weeks then just start over when you are ready.

What if I forget to take my drops before I eat?

The moment you missed your HCG Ultra Diet Drops before a meal, take your drops right after that meal or as soon as you remember missing them.

How long do I have to leave it under my tongue and what do I do after?

Let 10 seconds pass while HCG Ultra Diet Drops are under your tongue and then swallow the liquid. But don’t eat or drink before another 10 minutes pass.

What can I do without completely falling apart if I need to cheat?

Although cheating is not recommended, some people are still asking on what to do when they really had to. If you have to cheat, do it with lean protein or green vegetables. Make sure you don’t take in any sweets or those with sugar. Although cheating won’t suddenly gain you 5 pounds or so but you will probably not lose any weight for 2 to 5 days.

What to do when constipated?

Because of not eating enough fiber when on HCG diet, many people get constipated. This is no reason for panic. You may use a mild laxative such as an organic tea known as Smooth Move. You may avoid constipation by starting with a sugar free fiber supplement the moment you start HCG Ultra Diet Drops. You should have regular daily bowel movements while on HCG. Many customers use Metamucil, Sugar Free FFiber Tablets like Benefiber, Fiber Choice etc.

How many cycles do I need to be on?

The amount of cycles you need to be on depends on how much weight you want to get rid of. For a regular person, 4 bottles of the product will be enough to take care of those extra 40+ pounds. If you need to lose more weight then you can order more bottles. The good thing about the product is that you can store it for a long period because it has a 5-year shelf life.

Can I do some exercise while on this diet?

If you are going to do some exercise then just adjust the calorie intake to adopt to the exercise effects. If you burn 300 calories because of your exercise then you have to eat 75% calories more on the diet. But limit your food intake to approved proteins and vegetables only. Avoid extra fruits. But bear in mind that weight loss will be slower and can possibly stall when you exercise while on HCG Ultra Diet if it’s more than a light cardio workout.

What if I hit a plateau?

Plateaus on HCG for 2 to 5 days are normal. But the moment your plateau hits more than 5 days choose between these options; take a day and only eat 6 apples with your drops and the required water amount; or take a day eating only protein with your drops and the required amount of water. The amount of protein you have to eat is 7 oz for your two large meals then 2 eggs for breakfast (no fruits or veggies).

What to do with headaches?

Some people get headaches when switching to a low calories diet especially the first week. If this happens to you you should try Advil or a drink with electrolytes that has no calories. Remember the headaches are only temporary as you are changing your diet and coming off sugars, caffeine etc.

Can I use “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray” on HCG?

Yes you may use it during your HCG Diet.

Is Salsa allowed when on HCG?

Sugar free salsa is fine as long as the ingredients follow the approved protocol. Most customers make their own salsa or use Rose Italian Fresh Salsa from Sam’s Club across from the meat department. It’s delicious!

Can I use sugar while on HCG?

Absolutely no sugar while you are on HCG. Sugar substitutes are allowed but in moderation. We recommend NuStevia, this non butter Stevia is perfect!

Are women to stop taking the HCG drops during their monthly cycle?

Women should not stop their HCG Ultra Diet Drops even during their cycle. Some women experience changes with their cycle while on HCG. Also usually the week of your cycle you will see little to no weight loss, this is normal keep going and the scale will drop when it ends.

Will HCG drops make a pregnancy test show positive?

No. This is a misconception since there is small amount of HCG in our product.

If I go off HCG Drops, when and how can I start again?

If you are off track with your drops for 1 or 2 days, all you have to do is jump right back on it. But if you’re off the HCG drops for more than 2 days, wait for 5 days before you reload and start over with your drops.

What’s next after I am done with my HCG Cycle?

When you have completed your HCG diet, don’t hit on eating starches or sweets for 2 to 3 weeks. After 2 to 3 weeks you may slowly add sugar in your food intake. Also only after 2-3 weeks should you start to increase your exercise. Always watch your weight during these days and go moderate on sugar. Check out the Maintenance Phases 3 and 4 on our website for guidance or you may also call us for any questions that you might have.

How many HCG shakes can I have a day?

One shake a day is recommended and should not exceed 2 due to the very low calories.

Can I have HCG Shakes during my HCG Diet?

Yes! They we-re made specifically for HCG dieters.

What’s the best way to make our HCG Shakes?

If you’re on HCG: 12 oz of water, 10- 11 cubes of ice, crush it together in your blender then add 2 scoops of HCG Shake mix and blend for 60 seconds. Result = Thick, Creamy and Delicious! If you follow the directions on the package it-s like drinking chocolate, vanilla or chai milk and that works for some when at work and have no access or a blender. Use your blender and ice for the best tasting shake possible! Optional: Try frozen fruit or Sugar free Jello Pudding Mix to change the flavor of your HCG Shakes.

Are HCG Shakes a meal replacement?

Yes! If but if you get hungry between meals you can have a fruit or a veggie as a snack but not both. These shakes make a 12-16 oz shake and you will feel stuffed when you’re done drinking it. They hold most people 4 – 6 hours.

Are HCG Shakes a good idea to drink regularly once you reach your goal weight?

Absolutely! HCG Shakes will give you the vitamins you need and help keep your calories down while on maintenance. Most customers keep them part of their daily diet once they reach goal. Here’s a good example: If you’ve reached your goal and you know you’re going to have a heavier meal then drink a shake as one of your meals that day to help keep your calories down. You will love our shakes!

If you have any other questions that are not listed here please give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help you every step of the way!

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