HCG Ultra Drops

hcg drops

The recent advancement is now making HCG more available for almost everyone even without a doctor’s prescription. It no longer has to be in the injectable for HCG Diet Drops is now here. People can now enjoy the benefits of HCG in losing weight in an easier and safer way.

There is large selection of food choices included in the HCG protocol which makes it easy to follow and less depriving. Besides, you only need to strictly follow the protocol until it’s time to just maintain your desired weight since you already have reached it.

This diet will involve losing extra weight in a short period of time so you would need our HCG 1, 2, 3 diet in order to prepare you in a safe way. After you have completed our protocol and HCG 1, 2, 3 diet, you should feel great and be in a healthier lifestyle.

The Diet

The HCG 1, 2, 3 diet plan will give you around 10 to 20 pounds to loose in just 15 days. Even if you don’t incorporate any exercise during the diet plan, you will still lose some weight.

Many people are aware of the effectiveness and benefits of the HCG diet. But instead of having this in spas and weight loss clinics, people can now have this available as long as they follow the instructions to achieve their desired weight.

What is HCG?

HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is believed to affect the hypothalamus gland which is known to control the body fat, emotions and help develop the reproductive organs when a person reaches puberty. The HCG supply we always have since birth are eventually depleted because of the many food chemicals that put into our body. Even the taking of antibiotics are believed to put people are high risk of getting the imbalanced digestive system.

What Ultra Drops does is help the stored fats be released and be used up by the body as energy by stimulating the hypothalamus. When HCG is in the system, the body breaks down the cellular structure of the cells and absorbs them. During the breaking down of cells, blood vessels and others, the body would replace those broken down fats with water. Since water is heavier than fats, a person will show heavier because of water. But the moment the tissues are broken down, the stored water will then be released and the person losses weight.

Here are the HCG Ultra Diet Drops Plans that are available;

  • Plan 1 is a Buy 3 Get 1 Free! – $159: You will get 4 of the 2 oz bottles which is a 60-day supply. Expect to lose up to 40 lbs + if you exactly follow the protocol. Buy 3 and you will get 1 for free.
  • Plan 2 – $99: This comes with 2 of the 2 oz bottles good for 30 day supply. Expect weight loss at 20 – 30 lbs with this plan.
  • Plan 3 – $59: A single 2 oz bottle good for a 15-day supply is what you are going to get. Weight loss could be at 10-20 lbs with adherence to the protocol.

Now, here is the list of approved HCG Ultra Diet Drops Foods you would need to consider;

Approved HCG Diet Proteins

White Chicken Filet Mignon (no sauce) Talapia Blue Fish
Salmon Ground Round Shrimp Ocean Perch
White Fish Clams (10) White Pork Crab
Veal Sea Bass Venison Lobster
Catfish Tuna Flounder White Turkey
Roast Eggs


Approved HCG Diet Vegetables

Greens Celery Radishes Asparagus
Brussel Sprouts Cucumber Bean Sprouts Onion
Broccoli Spinach Bell Peppers Tomato
Cauliflower Lettuce Green Beans Mushrooms
Carrots Cabbage Peas Dill Pickles


Approved HCG Diet Fruits

Apples Peaches Oranges Pears
Cantaloupe Plums Strawberries Blueberries
Nectarines Grapefruit Raspberries

There are things that are to be avoided during the dieting plan. Stuff like butter and any oil should be avoided but spices may be used as long as they are in moderation. However, it is important to completely avoid any sugars when adding spices. If the need is really important, use those alternatives that have zero calories.

Water has a major role to make this diet successful. Drink at least 100 ounces of water each day. Diet sodas and Crystal Lite should not count as water intakes. Coffee and tea should be in moderation since caffeine can stimulate hunger. If you must, drink decaffeinated coffee instead. No alcohol during the diet plan.

By giving HCG drops a chance you will notice tremendous results – you could lose up to a pound a day or more. Our program allows you to ease into dieting, with ingesting the drops and with getting on our special diet plan. The diet is delicious and the HCG diet foods consist of a variety that will keep your taste buds intrigued. You can choose proteins from seafood, poultry and red meats. Many vegetables are encouraged and there are a variety of fruits to pick from. Don’t forget healthy grains either. The only thing you are not allowed to do is overeat.

The HCG drops are formulated to work with your body in a natural way by quickening your metabolism. To lose weight effectively with our program will require focus and steadfastness. Another way this program is designed with the body in mind is that it gradually introduces your body to the drops and to the food diet. This is so your body doesn’t get shocked by the process and deter you from finishing the program.

This program is nothing like any other diet programs you can find in the market today. our many customers can tell you how the HCG diet plan and the HCG drops have helped them achieve their desired weight and started them on a healthier lifestyle to maintain their weight. Start your journey to a better looking you by ordering your HCG drops today.