HCG Phase 3

The first 2 -3 weeks after completing HCG Ultra Diet Drops

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through Phase 2 of your HCG dieting program. After completing your HCG cycle, you should be experiencing a great feeling right now of being able to reach this point in the program. You should also be around 20 pounds plus lighter by now. Not only that you lost weight, you should also now be feeling confident that you can keep a new healthy lifestyle after the entire program.

Phase 3 is where you try to stabilize your body weight as your hypothalamus is resetting. Phase 2 had you continue with your daily drops of HCG Ultra Diet Drops until you are done with that phase. Phase 3 will now find HCG leaving your system within the 3-day period.

When it comes to what you are to eat when in this phase; you will actually be on a low carb diet.

You begin Phase 3 by increasing the size portions of what you eat. The foods will be the same with what you have in Phase 2 but with some new foods being gradually introduced. You will notice that the increase will be more on the protein intake. You may already have many regular salad dressings as long as there are no sugars added. Some would also add cheese and eggs for their first foods. The calories will be increased a bit for at least 1200-1500 each day.

You are to include new foods each day to introduce fats and proteins. But also remember;

  • Avoid sugar in whatever forms. If you really have to, use stevia for your sweetening needs still.
  • Also avoid those starches. Pasta, bread, wheat, potatoes, rice and other are still to be avoided in this phase.

Other things to avoid in Phase 3 are;

  • Fast foods are a no-no.
  • Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are also to be avoided.
  • Preservatives are to be avoided as well. Nitrites, MSG, or food additives should not even be an option.

Check out the original Phase 3 instructions:

You must try to maintain the weight you are on the morning of your last dose of HCG. You may lose a little more during those last 3 low-calorie days, but the object of Phase 3 is to stabilize- so do not allow your weight to go more than 2 pounds above your end weight, or more than about 2 pounds below your end weight. My thoughts on this: 2 pounds above or below your last dose day may not be realistic for everyone. 3 or even 4 pounds may be more likely for some people, especially if very little or no weight was lost during the last 3 days of the VLCD after the HCG is stopped. If you kept your system very regular during the VLCD you will pick up a bit more weight when there is more bulk moving through your system. Eating a bit more salt that will come along with adding more foods may also cause some water weight to come back on. I stabilized up 3.5 pounds during the 6 week maintenance, however it remained very stable. You may want to overshoot your desired end weight by about 3 pounds to allow room to stabilize up to your goal, especially if you tend to hold a bit of water weight.

If you weigh yourself one morning and you are more than 2 pounds above your end weight, do a protein day: 2 eggs for breakfast, protein for lunch and protein for dinner only.

Examples of food to add in Phase 3:


Fattier meats, such as turkey, dark poultry meat, sausage, scallops etc.

Butter, milk, cream, cheeses (not shredded-contains starch), all nuts (add nuts slowly, they do contain a lot of fat and calories, measure or weigh a serving size), peanut butter (check label for sugar). It would be best to get your peanut butter fresh and unadulterated from your local health food store. Do not buy no fat dairy, such as cream cheese, because starches and sugars are often added. Read labels.


Okra, eggplant, etc. Avoid high starch vegetables including potatoes, corn, winter squash, yams until the next phase.

Add oils and fats: Emphasizing extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Coconut oil is not generally stored in the body as fat, but is burned for energy. It also has a high heat tolerance. Some butter is fine as well.


Avoid very sweet and starchier fruits, such as tropical fruit: banana, pineapple, mango, etc. Gradually introduce other fruits such as grapes and any berries.

Now that you are on Phase 3, you will find out for yourself that things will be looking positive for you moving forward. When you get to Phase 4, you should feel very proud and victorious even more since you will already start with your maintenance of the ideal weight you now have.

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