HCG Phase 4

When you are done with your HCG cycle and have gone through Phase 3, the next phase will find you being reintroduced to carbohydrates; which means starches and sugars in moderation of course.

But just because the doors are opened for you to take in some of these tempting starches and sugars it doesn’t mean you have to drown yourself with lots of them every day. You need to go through the HCG Phase 4 gradually. Well, you can expect that after going through those weeks being in the HCG diet, your taste buds should have been sensitized to the real flavor of food. The flavors should not be as strong and as tempting to you by now and will make it easier to control your appetite. This is your time to move forward with a new kind of lifestyle which is healthy and maintains your ideal weight.

Calories Count Too

THis is where you wil learn HCG isn’t just a det but a life style change! ¬†Especially during this phase of your HCG program, constant awareness of what you need to eat and are eating should be observed. Don’t waste the great results you have earned for the past weeks and continue to be vigilant about what you take into your body.

Make it habit to check the labels and watch out for the calories and ingredients in the foods you eat. Fight the temptation to include in your groceries bags of chips, sugary snacks that are full of calories. It would help you to bring with you a notepad to jot down the food you are eating. In this manner, when you start gaining some weight, you would have an idea which foods are giving you those extra pounds.

Never think of HCG as just a diet that you practice when you need to lose weight; consider this as your chance to a new healthy lifestyle.

You will easily be able to keep that ideal weight that you are in after the HCG dieting program if you continue to discipline yourself. You already have fought through those extra pounds and won the fight, giving in to those extra calories is just like giving up and soon you’ll be back to the old you if you continue with poor food choices. It’s all about eating healthy and splurging a few meals a week. This is a great time to have an HCG Shake as a meal once a day to help keep your calorie intake lower.

Make sure you join our closed support group on Facebook called “Our Journey After HCG”. We’re here to help you maintain this healthy life style. you can do it. Nothing taste as good as smaller sizes and a healthy body feels!

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