HCG Shake

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Our HCG Shake meal replacement is not only healthy for you but also tastes yummy. You might find most protein shakes to not taste good but you will be surprise when you try our own HCG Shake. We made sure that you will enjoy every sip of our shake. Aside from being a good source of 50% of your Daily Value of 23 Vitamins and Minerals, our HCG Shake will surely find your tongue’s approval as our satisfied customers have proven.

With our HCG Shake, you will feel full and satisfied for a long period of time during the day. This meal supplement will surely be one of the things you will love doing to maintain an optimal health. This will end your search for a nutritious drink that really tastes not like one. The HCG Shake is doctor-formulated to curb your hunger in between your meals by the help of the high folic acid and high grade hoodia in the ingredients.

Smooth Spiced Chai HCG Shake

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Creamy Chocolate HCG Shake

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Rich Vanilla Bean HCG Shake

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This HCG Shake is the perfect solution for people who are always on the go yet would not want to miss their nutritious drink. Now that you have a nutritious drink that tastes so good, you will surely now get the benefits of low fat, low carbohydrate, high in protein and fiber, and all those other vitamins and minerals in this HCG Shake mix. People can now have a drink that tastes good and is packed with all the goodness of protein, carbohydrates and nutrition. This is definitely the best meal replacement that you can find in the market today. We encourage you to compare our ingredients with other shakes being sold in the market.

Not only this meal replacement is delicious, this also promotes the maintenance of normal blood sugar and insulin levels because of the low glycemic carbohydrates in the ingredient. Glycemic carbohydrates are known to help dissolve body fats and convert them into energy that the body could use. Because of the protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients found in the HCG shake, the formulation maintains the muscles tissues and at the same time reduces the calories with the optimal burning of fats.

What to like about the HCG Shake:

  • The High Grade hoodia ingredient in the HCG Shakes promotes appetite control
  • High in protein while remaining low in carbs
  • Maintains healthy metabolism that is vital for weight loss and control
  • You will not find any HCG hormone and is a great meal replacement
  • HCG Shake has 7 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • 30 servings (8oz) per container if not on the HCG Diet and made FF Milk
  • 15 servings (12 – 16oz) per tub when on the HCG Diet and made with ice-cold water

Our HCG Shake comes in delicious and nutritious flavors of Creamy Chocolate, Smooth Spiced Chai or Rich Vanilla Bean Flavors. You can order a whole canister or try out our sample packs.